Another All Nighter

College – can you say balancing act? Your plate is full, you’re burying your head into textbooks, finishing one paper after the other, crashing against project deadlines, and managing all of those late-night study sessions that come along with midterms and finals. Did we forget something? Oh yeah, that thing called “a social life!” This is pretty much college in a nut shell. You’re bound for an all-nighter or two somewhere in those 4 years (or more) of higher education, but maybe that isn’t the best route. Keeping it real, not getting an ounce of shut eye before a big exam is and can lead you to feeling sick the next day, or your brain just being fuzzy in general. Why, might you ask? Well for one: you’ve been wired from all the coffee you’ve drank over the last 12 hours, and two: your brain is overworked by trying to remember a plethora of information that you might forget as soon as finals are over. We’ve got your back at Suissly: follow these helpful tips to prevent those sleepless nights.

Make a game plan:

Lay out what’s on your plate. Write out your “To Do List”. This works best if you plan your studying out day-by-day. Professors will usually give you a syllabus which is a great go-to when marking up your agenda for the semester. Sure, the semester or quarter is almost over, but it’s never too late to start.

The “Two Week Rule”:

Let’s be honest, many of us wait until the last minute to get things going. Start your studies and project planning at least two weeks in advance. This is SO helpful, especially when the unfortunate event arises and all your assignments start landing on the same due date. Ugh…

Give yourself a break:

It’s essential to take a breather from time to time. Sitting in the library for hours on end can make you go crazy! Step outside the cave you’ve been living in and go smell the roses. Fueling your brain with fresh oxygen is the perfect pick-me-up!

Study with friends:

We get it, your social life is a top priority. Make more time to hang out with friends as you prep for your classes. You’re more inclined to hit the books if your bestie or boo thang is doing it too.

Get out of the library:

Placing yourself in a new space gets the creative juices flowing. Give the library a break! Try a local coffee shop, a mellow café, or just go lay out in the grass somewhere for a while and look at the clouds. You will be surprised where you can find inspiration.

Work it out:

Prepping for your classes can be stressful. It’s important to remember that sometimes in life, you need to let that shit go. Indulge in your favorite workout. Go surf, shoot some hoops, hit the boxing bag, or take your favorite yoga class. The options are endless, do what makes you feel your best!

These helpful tips, plus some extra shut eye, equal an overall higher GPA. That’s a win-win in itself, but there’s more. When you’re sound asleep you’re prepping your body to reboot itself. This leads to heightened memory skills, hormone regulation, clearing of toxic byproducts and repairing of damaged tissues. Alongside studying, sleeping in general is one of the most important things you can do before finals. In the end, your body will thank you for allowing it stay in its dreamy state a little longer than usual. So study hard, sleep harder, and good luck!

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Kendall Urschel

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