Halloween costumes that put your old bedding to use Pt. II

Welcome to the second half of our Halloween costume tutorial suggestions! Last week, we discussed how to take your old sheets and pillows and turn them into frightful and charming adult costumes.

Now that you’re all caught up, we thought this week we would focus on some ghastly costumes for your mini-me and your doggo! If you’re in a pinch or are just simply looking for some inspiration for All Hallows’ Eve this year, rejoice! Suissly has you covered. Most costume suggestions are simple and inexpensive, as they upcycle all those older bed linens and really put them to good use! Make your little candy-collectors or K-9 friends the spookiest ghouls and monsters on the block! We hope you eat, drink and be scary this holiday season. Happy haunting!


Credits: Lena Sekine on Inhabitots
Credits: Lena Sekine on Inhabitots

Get your cute mini-person dressed up in this adorable Cleopatra costume, easily made with an old pillow case, a paper gift bag and some vinyl. You (or a second small person) can dress up as a mummified Mark Antony to become the spookiest couple of Egyptian rulers out there. Beware of any sneaky asps nearby!


Lena Sekine submitted this costume to Inhabitots for their annual Green Halloween Contest. Find similar submissions and many more clever ways of upcycling old materials on their site. Be sure to vote for your favorite!


Credits: Martha Stewart
Credits: Martha Stewart

This is my absolute favorite Halloween costume for the youths (and for myself… seriously, I was a giant pumpkin last year.) A pillow case, some online templates, fabric and pillow stuffing creates a scary cute costume for your little monster! Cute as pumpkin pie!


This crafty costume came courtesy of Martha Stewart.


Credits: Sam from Atkinson Drive
Credits: Sam from Atkinson Drive

This innovative mama made her tiny sweetheart into a donut for Halloween to compliment her son’s cop costume. Too much cuteness in one post! Get this no-sew donut look with some felt, hot glue, and stuffing from and old pillow and turn your pint-sized clone into a yummy treat this holiday!


This costume comes to you from Sam via her blog Atkinson Drive. This lovely mother of two has an archive of amazing DIY ideas and suggestions on her site.


Credits: HGTV Online
Credits: HGTV Online

Your kid will be snug as a bug in this to-die-for ladybug costume! This no-sew, step by step tutorial shows you how to make this charming beetle friend in just a few steps. This is also an easy template to follow for making the slower half of the tortoise and the hare pair! Bug out over how precious your little angels will look!


Find this and other homemade Halloween treats and apparel at HGTV.


Credits: Ashley from Make It & Love It
Credits: Ashley from Make It & Love It

This costume will take a little more time than the others on this list, but it’s well worth the effort if you have a little time to prep beforehand. This fluffy-stuffed penguin can be made to wear by itself or can be paired with some Mary Poppins characters if your gang is feeling particularly musical and cheerful this year. Either way, this will bring lots of smiles!


This DIY enthusiast and mom of three crafted up this adorable costume for her youngest. Take a look at some of Ashley’s other projects on her website.

Rain Cloud:

Credits: Cherie from You & Mei
Credits: Cherie from You & Mei

If you read our blog last week, you’ll remember an absolutely darling cloud costume we found. Here’s another variation that’s just as simple and equally as precious! Start with some sky-colored tiny people leggings, contact paper, and some pillow batting and fabric (like an old sheet or pillowcase.) Soon your kiddo will be the most perfect little storm wandering the streets!


Cherie from You & Mie constructed this nifty costume for her child and posted the directions via fellow DIYer’s website Andrea’s Notebook.


Howl-o-ween Costumes:

Monster under the bed:

Credits: Yolanda & Nanuk from Costume Works
Credits: Yolanda & Nanuk from Costume Works

Ok, we admit this one might take a little more planning than the rest of the costumes, but we couldn’t help but add this bewitching pooch to the mix! You’ll need to collect a tiny doll, some fabric, cardboard or wood, and some more fuzzy fabric to for this hair-raising look. If you have a little one running around, Boo from Monster’s Inc. is a great accompanying costume. Transform man’s best friend into man’s worst nightmare! (We realize that this guy pictured doesn’t look all too terrifying but just go with it, okay?)


Yolanda and her spunky pup, Nanuk, posted this costume on Costume Works for their annual Halloween Costume Contest. This scary guy took home 1st place in 2014’s contest!

Wrecking ball:

Credits: McKenna & Tottie from Craftinomicon
Credits: McKenna & Tottie from Craftinomicon

I know it seems counter-intuitive to cover your pup up for this Miley-inspired costume, but trust us on this one. You’ll need some grey or black fabric, lots of pillow stuffing, a chain, and a Barbie doll (clothing optional.) Don’t blame us if your pooch channels their inner wild child and starts singing bad pop music and stripping down to next to nothing.


McKenna and her pug Tottie had this hillarious creation shown on Craftinonmicon. You can see more of McKenna’s awesome stuff on her Tumblr.


Credits: Chelsea from Lovely Indeed
Credits: Chelsea from Lovely Indeed

Turn your fur ball into a pudgy icing-filled cream puff! Or something similar at least. Gather up a round box, colorful felt and pillow padding to bake your pup up into something delightfully appetizing. Be sure to keep your tail-wagger on a tight leash so tiny vampires and villains don’t stop for a feast!

Check it out here!

Chelsea from Lovely Indeed came up with this super sweet outfit. Be sure to peruse her site for more inspiration this season!


Credits: Shannon and Jen from Eat Sleep Make
Credits: Shannon and Jen from Eat Sleep Make

Be cautious if you choose this one for your innocent, defenseless doggo! The house cat will have another reason to bat at your poor little puppers if they’re dressed as a fish. With that being said, some pillows, fabric and a little creativity makes this easily one of the more adorable K9 ensembles.


Shannon and Jen are the masterminds behind this fishy costume. Their site, Eat, Make, Sleep has tons more suggestions for some cute crafts to create!


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