Halloween costumes that put your old bedding to use

That time of year has quickly creeped up (heh heh… get it?) again! Miniature ghouls, goblins and ghosts will soon be ringing your doorbell, pillow cases in-hand ready to collect some Halloween tricks & treats. While this holiday is filled with charming fall activities and spooky surprises, the pressure to create a costume that is both creative and inexpensive can sometimes spoil the fun. If you’re someone that can take procrastination a bit too far, Suissly is here to help! We’ve collected some Halloween costume ideas that can easily be made by raiding your linen closet and adding some simple craft supplies. We all have those older sets of sheets and pillows that have seen better days taking up valuable storage space. Here are a few ways to upcycle those old linens into some seriously adorable and eerily ghastly costumes for yourself!


DIY Production: Kelly Bryden - Makeup & Hair: Misty Spinney - Models: Ashley Perlman, Caitlin Silva, Marisa Kumtong, Alicia Goad - Photography: Chris Andre
DIY Production: Kelly Bryden – Makeup & Hair: Misty Spinney – Models: Ashley Perlman, Caitlin Silva, Marisa Kumtong, Alicia Goad – Photography: Chris Andre

Grab a pillow, some basic household wasabi-looking items and some chopsticks and roll yourself into something delicious. Who doesn’t love California rolls?! That’s right, nobody. This costume is a nine out of ten-pura!


Credits to:
DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Makeup and Hair: Misty Spinney
Photography: Chris Andre
Models: Ashley Perlman, Caitlin Silva, Marisa Kumtong, Alicia Goad

Tooth & Tooth Fairy:

credit: julieannart.com and etchfilms.com
credit: julieannart.com and etchfilms.com

Make yourself into the Tooth Fairy’s favorite goody, a pearly white tooth! Gather up a couple of old white pillows, a flat white sheet, a needle and some thread. Either dress up with a fairy partner or just add a wand, a crown and a large tutu to your tooth! A costume so sweet you’ll leave everyone thmiling.

Tutorial credit goes to this lovely diy-er @ https://julieannart.com/
With illustration credit going to Jordan @ http://etchfilms.com/

Toad’s Mushroom Hat (Mario):

Credits: makenadawn from instructables.com
Credits: makenadawn from instructables.com

Become your favorite Mario Cart character in a few simple steps! Create this magical mushroom hat with a large bowl, some red and white fabric, and stuffing from an old pillow lying around that you’ve been tripping over. You’ll be the fun-gi of the party! (or fun-gal but that didn’t make sense for our totally-not-cheesy-at-all joke.)

Tutorial credit goes to our fellow member of the Mushroom Kingdom makenadawn.

Rain Cloud:

Credits: Crystal from Stitched By Crystal
Credits: Crystal from Stitched By Crystal

This costume is so simple it will bring some much needed sunshine to your day. Gather the guts of an old pillow, some yarn, felt, old hat and Voilà! You’ll be ready to storm the streets for candy!

Crystal from Stitched By Crystal crafted up this simple design. Visit her website here.

Greek God or Goddess Toga:

Credits: Corinne Sullivan from hercampus.com
Credits: Corinne Sullivan from hercampus.com

All you need for this get up is an old sheet and an affinity for Greek mythology. Add a crown of leaves and some gold accessories to really dress this costume up. Channel you inner Dionysus spirit by bringing some nectar of the gods to the party. Best costume yet!

Corinne Sullivan shared this on hercampus.com a couple years back. Check out some of her other ideas here.


Credits: Amy from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop
Credits: Amy from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop

Travel back to Bedrock with some sheets transformed into a simple WIILMAAA costume! Don’t be left alone in the stone age, grab some friends and create the whole crew together! Especially fun if you can get your bowwow to wear a Dino suit. A classic 90s throwback. Yaba daba do!

This design is made by Amy, the owner of Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. Check out her other deisgns here: http://www.peekaboopages.com/


Credits: Janel from NellieBellie
Credits: Janel from NellieBellie

You’ll probably have the most fun with this costume. Grab some old sheets, rip or cut into strips and get your friends dizzy by making them spin around while you wrap them up. Pro tip: said friend may want to hold off on the candy and the drinks after your done spinning them around.

Janel from NellieBellie made this creepy creation. She runs an amazing website as well!

Princess Leia:

Let’s face it: the slave Leia costume is overplayed. My friend and his girlfriend agreed to go as Star Wars characters last year and both showed up in the same Slave Leia costume. True story. Grab a white sheet and add some tasty Cinnabons to the side of your head for a classic, original costume. No more looking for costumes in Alderaan places.

Max D. Gray contributed this costume on onehowto. This is his personal author page: http://www.onehowto.com/author/max-d-gray-455.html

Cotton Candy:

Credits:  Tilly Dewey from Hellowonderful.co
Credits: Tilly Dewey from Hellowonderful.co

Mercilessly destroy a pillow and add some pastel paint to spin up this carnival candy treat! I know we all hear that mom voice in our heads telling us to “stay away from that stuff!” and to “think of your oral hygiene!” but you’ll be so cute that no one will care to listen! But seriously, we know you’ll look tasty, but don’t let anyone snack on your costume. There are plenty of sweet treats to go around this holiday.

Tilly Dewey made this how-to on hellowonderful. Here’s her page: http://thatplayhouse.com/


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