The Suissly Sleep Playlist: 15 songs to unwind to

Last time we talked about a great drink for waking up in the morning, but this time we’re talking about how you lay down at the end of the day. Everyone has their own ritual before sleeping; Some like to binge watch Netflix for hours while others like to enjoy a little night cap. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but we are here to offer you another solution to help you unwind.

Listening to music 45 minutes before bedtime can improve your sleep quality, but choosing the right music is very important. There are many factors in the way a song can affect your body. Certain musical keys can evoke feelings of joy and purity while others can stir up feelings of discontent and uneasiness. Without getting overloaded with the science of it, BPM (or beats per minute) is a common factor in how a song can change your mood, help you run faster, jump higher, or in our case sleep easier. BPMs over 120 tend to match a heartbeat when exercising while BPMs from 60-80 put us in a relaxing and calming state. Everyone is different, and most have a good idea on what already suits them best, but knowing how certain songs affect your body is key to achieving a certain state of mind–we are aiming for a sleepier one.

Our Suissly Sleep playlist utilizes calm tones, smooth transitions, and slower BPMs to help you make the transition from a busy day to a good night’s rest. A Suissly Bed wouldn’t hurt to have either. Our playlist is specifically designed to be listened to as you wind down from your day rather than while you are sleeping, as many people (maybe even you) like to sleep in silence. Since the playlist is about an hour long you can finish up any last minute tasks like washing dishes or folding clothes with plenty of time to slip into a dreamy state before the music stops. As you go through the list you will notice the tempos, keys, and number of lyrics slowly change so that by the time the playlist is finished, you should feel completely at ease.

Music is often referred to as the language of our soul, but just as importantly, it is also the language of our dreams.

UPDATE 10/14/16 1:40pm: Spotify is currently down. The playlist will be available here as soon as it’s up and running again.

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Daniel Vasquez

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