Day Dreams

Welcome to our Day Dreams blog. Here is where we share stories, talk about health & wellness, discuss sleep science, and share information about our Suissly Products. We just launched a couple months ago and are just getting started with all the cool things we are going to be bringing you in the future. We have a lot of big ideas–even some small ones too–that we want to share with you, so stay tuned for some seriously awesome stuff.

We’re excited for the future and want to thank any readers for taking the time to check out our blog. We hope you have enjoyed reading our posts as much as we have had creating them. In the coming months we will be sharing everything ranging from in-depth information about where our products come from, what we think about sleeping with your socks on, cool products from us or others, community work we are doing around Santa Barbara, and of course stuff about everyone here at Suissly. So throw on some sleepy tunes, drink some warm lemon water, strike a yoga pose, lay down on your Suissly Bed, and dream about big things to come.

Your Suissly Team


We are designing and building products to make your bedroom more comfortable, playable, and livable.

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